How dark, how dark O Lord
The silent night so very long
Life’s road treacherous and delusive
So that there is no rest for the weary

And those that reach further still
For Your precious life-giving Light
Attaining to grasp and hold onto
A promise given in the night

Instead, reap darkness and affliction
From greater forces from time without light
That overwhelms even the most faithful
And ardent warrior, to their knees

So that now, the burden of taking
One more step, becomes
A battle all of it’s own accord
And the end becomes impossible to see

For the onslaught of malicious arrows
Are fired in relentless, unending waves
Causing silent injuries, not seen
To destroy the inward journey

So that one cannot move forward
But just be still and plead
For help from the Sanctuary
And cry to Heaven to be heard

Who could know?
Who could understand?
Abraham’s horror of great darkness or
Daniel and Joseph’s great desperation

And yet, even with these great examples
Before us, our pain becomes so unbearable
The temptation to lay down our shield
And give up, becomes a fight in itself

And the enemy becomes successful
When our final objective becomes
Obscured, buried in life’s day to day survival
So that we cannot lift our head to see Light

And as faith becomes a feather
that drifts away, I pray
That you have Mercy and
Comfort me in my private grave




About just stevie

First and foremost...I am not a writer! That is very evident if you start from the beginning. These blogs are the result of an intense relationship with my heavenly Father and I wanted to put my thoughts into writing. Words and music are very powerful...together...each having it's own interpretation! This encourages me that every day be different, with new thoughts and directions. Even now, that surprises me when I go back and re-read an experience I've gone thru. I think I can say, that my writing has improved with time...enjoy...
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