…and winter came…

Many, many passages ago
As Sorrowful
Lonely, silent footsteps

Always moving on
Searching for love

Throughout eternal gateways
And stunning nebula
Walking among the galaxies

Watching, waiting
For His creation
To turn, seeking Him

Love aborted
He turns once more
Moving on

In Eden’s garden
Deserted for glitter

As He walked among us
Sharing His Love

As He died for us
Securing eternity

Still humanity
Pushes Him
Further away

So that, today
The throne
Is empty

And angels weep
Love is not returned



About just stevie

First and foremost...I am not a writer! That is very evident if you start from the beginning. These blogs are the result of an intense relationship with my heavenly Father and I wanted to put my thoughts into writing. Words and music are very powerful...together...each having it's own interpretation! This encourages me that every day be different, with new thoughts and directions. Even now, that surprises me when I go back and re-read an experience I've gone thru. I think I can say, that my writing has improved with time...enjoy...
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