Louder than words…

The news again today shouts evil agendas
That cause me excessive sadness and bitterness
As global government restrictions continue to grow
Curbing and inhibiting our essential life giving nucleus
Especially focusing on the lower levels of life’s necessities
Always moving in a direction that sets in place
An afflicting menology to remove and eliminate freedoms
That You graciously bestowed to us in the Beginning
So now, our most current restraint on seeds and foods
Are very close to being illegal for one to own or to grow
To sustain everyday life for our families
Ownership given over to entities that have a mission
To control and reduce life on Terra

Reflecting on Your Word, I remember that food
Goes back in history to the very thing that Satan used to deceive Eve
One of life’s fundamental life sustaining elements
Brought back into focus in today’s evil warmongers
Ready to pick up and continue a war tactic from eons ago
A competitive aid to global war to control humanity
As the control list continues to grow
Too many people, too many generations
Too many governments, too much power
Enabling evil to spitefully move into and onto Terra’s sphere
As warriors carefully watch and listen
Watching the order of events moving across our expanse
Yet knowing they are helpless to change the end result

So I look upward toward heaven
Higher than my earthly vision
Closing my eyes to see what Heaven sees
And I cry bitter tears!
Bending over as Sorrow overwhelms me
As I see the difference between earth and heaven
And I pray that the vision stops so that I cannot see the end
For even angels turn their heads away
At the choices those on Terra make based purely upon pleasures
And real time conveniences
Not regarding the future of our children
Nor the basic principles of heavenly law

For most cannot comprehend the malicious evil
That slays our heritage
Because their thinking is not upon higher laws
And in saying this, how can heaven not turn away
From our ignorance, whether innocent or deliberate
For Satan truly lives and fights to adjust life on earth
To accommodate his agenda that no one, no life!
Will spiritually understand Your higher way
That would effect a soul to turn away from darkness
For in this, he cannot afford Your Light that will spread
From heart to heart to healing…

Even the weariest warrior knows and understands
That sometimes staying in the still and silent
Enables the protection of heaven’s shield
That obstructs a loss of position
Can in fact, gain more ground on war’s chess board
Than the progression of a war that kills and maims
For Your Light that shines into a tired heart
Is the only real element enabling enough Life
To grab a hold of and hang on to for survival
Using all of life’s lessons of Faith and Patience
For Your Life begins on another realm
That governments cannot control
And witnesses of the past will rise to and proclaim
That Heaven is True to those that believe

I bow my head and pledge to focus on Your higher plane
That our children’s children will one day understand
And know that some were legendary in upholding
Principles that began and ended in Forever
That Fire and Honor moved
Hand in hand with Truth and Freedom
That the bridges to heaven were kept open
And accessible to future generations
For others to know that Your eternal door
Opens and closes based upon faithful soldiers
Sacrificing all to secure future hope for all
That Your majestic kingdom is truly the real world

Can they not see?
Can they not understand?
If not, then we know that evil has accomplished it’s ultimate goal
And warriors that understand and follow heavenly law
With the guidance of angels
Will never, NEVER follow evil’s agenda’s
Regardless of it’s presentation or advertisements
That they will become the Holy extension
That supersedes the ratio
Of spiritual failures
A ratio that wins…

Louder than words!



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Dear God

This is a melancholy day for me
As I write this day ~ December 31, 2011
A day that closes out our calendar year
A day that prompts most of us to review the past year
Regarding our successes and failures
Determining what is necessary for changes tomorrow
But I wonder ~ who really truly cares? Really?
Or attempts to listen as Your Spirit moves across our generation
To understand and know that Heaven records
And keeps a journal of those that move with You
Anticipating change and understanding that circumstances
Are never what they seem to be!

As I write this, I do not fully understand the consequence
Of my questions, nor do I have answers
But I do innately perceive that Heaven patiently waits
For our spirit to grasp Your revelations
So that our heart and soul will finally understand
That the agenda of heaven weighs in the balance
Of whether heaven or hell will consume our soul

Many have discussed with me or read my written thoughts
Some understand, most pass me off
As just one more opinion that needs to die off as soon as possible
To eliminate another tedious debate on interpretations of scripture
But I unequivocally know that what I write, are not my words
For, I am the first to humbly admit, I am not a writer, nor ever will be
Nor a romantic, or a seeker of sorrows, but I do intimately know
That the spirit of God, moves upon those that trust Him
And know that His ways are infinite and final!

How can I express to my readers, the agony that consumes my heart
Knowing that the words I write fall upon inattentive ears
From those that quarrel and say “I know”
To those that can throw back any scripture
I wish to say to my brothers and sisters, and strangers
Listen! and hear the whisper of angels
For the time of judgment is nigh
And Heaven speaks to attentive hearts
How can I convince others to know that You still exist?
And to understand that Your divining Truth,
Separates loved ones, families, partners, pastors, congregations,
As it is written in the scriptures

And because of these thoughts, I am exasperated
With the spiritual casualness that envelopes our society
That Your words cannot be heard regardless of sincerity
So that now, in anger, I will burn my bridges!
Burn them to the ground! Bridges that are condemned
Bridges that keep the way open, from the old life to the new
As life today is truly void of any recognizable emotion
Affecting relationships that we are born into
Or born from or carried into
But wait! Even this is an illusion
For the darkness moves undercover
Always undermining the Cornerstone
To wreck the mental and spiritual veins
That make up our lives in this age

Who has the answers?
Who cares enough to ask viable questions?
Who can reach out to save another ?
When survival of one’s spirituality is in danger of collapse
And even if help comes it is only temporary
For no one can reach out to help another with an earthly power
And the sensation of falling, falling
Never ends even though we grasp
For safety when presented

It is during these moments of great darkness
That Your celestial illumination becomes my benchmark
To sift thru all of my life’s issues
And causes my soul to comprehend Your Life
That comes to me from a place no one can touch
Add to or take away from
Your precious Treasure that my heart so longs for
That reaches out to grasp and hold within my broken heart
With my face turned to the eastern sky

For what is within me cannot be transferred to another
For they may hear and say, “I know”
But they cannot know my sorrows
Nor how the darkness pushes me to Your Light
To Your Homecoming to leave everything behind
For the time to share and encourage is over
My shield and my sword stand at attention
Knowing I will retrieve them
To pick up and move forward
And embrace Your ways O God
For the days of turning back are over
There will be no one that will convince me to do otherwise
And if I leave behind those that have heard my words
But turned to their own ways
Then so be it
There comes a time when each soul
Determines what is Truth
And what he will follow
To the end




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America! America! My Love, My country!
What have you done?
Once a brilliant star in the night sky
A shining beacon for the destitute and hopeless
Established upon a foundation of Truth for freedom
An unspoken gift to the world
In horror, I watch your demise
As Darkness and Evil exponentially rush in
Like a raging sea that destroys and snuffs out your light
So that not even a burning ember can be seen
As a witness of your glory and beauty
When you walked with God

You turned your back on your Creator
Becoming a proud and arrogant nation
Your helping hand turned into a fist
That demanded the poor and wretched
To bow in deference to your self made domination
And in the name of freedom, sent your young out
To foreign shores, and spilled the blood of our brothers and sisters
Then slashed the bonds of loyalty and honor on home shores
You have sacrificed and betrayed your young and old
To acquire a superior stature as Lucifer did
Burning your heavenly mandated bridge
So that now your Creator has turned His back on you!
Removed His covering, and left the door open
For evil to replace light with gross darkness

There is no hope! You have sealed your fate!
And still you have all but said you will continue forward on your path
Even with the blood of innocents on your hands
So that now, all that remains are the sorrowful prayers of the faithful
For protection of those that remain true by Heaven’s witness
While darkness consumes everything within sight
And hastily tears apart this United States of America
Piece by piece, citizen by citizen
As we all are prey when evil boldly roams the street
Now, angels weep for the loss of a divine platform
That offered many, a chance to find salvation and freedom….

…As the angel of death waits to gather up a star that died



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Lost! And isolated
Surrounded by the enemy on the battlefield
The warrior lifts his head toward heaven
As the rain beats upon his face
Mixing with his tears
And the blood from his wounds

He bows his head realizing that the end has come
He reaches for his helmet
And watches it slowly drop to the ground
His sword and shield fall to the earth
And he falls to his knees
As the memories flood in

The maiden he left back home
Her beauty, the wind blowing thru her hair
Her words of encouragement to fight for truth
Knowing she is waiting for his return
The fields of grain waving across his kingdom
Now…so far away

Upon a higher plane
Evil stands at the war table in heaven
And proudly lifts both hands anticipating imminent victory
That he has beaten this soldier and his stand for justice
Watching as the warrior lays down all of his defenses
And lays prostrate upon Terra’s crust

Then! A Voice from heaven
Prepare for Glory! No retreat! No surrender!
Stand and fight! For I Am with you
Be free, Be free at last
For Freedom and Truth are everlasting
Until the day comes when Eternity is no more

For the day has come when My Glory
Moves upon Terra because I have
Found faithful warriors that stood within the gates
Watchmen that guarded Truth, Freedom, and Holy Justice
For the day when Good overcomes Evil
That My Sacrifice was not in vain

For victory was won and now comes to the eye of man
As the laws of heaven once again reign
Blending the Old Law with Grace
As Justice fights and Mercy pleads for souls
And mortal men will again fear the Most Holy God
As the maiden receives her victorious warrior

May your words O God this night
Mark my heart that my allegiance to You
Never be surrendered upon the battlefield
That my eye not be on the enemy that surrounds me
But upon the impossible, with faith, that only heaven can generate
Believing that victory is nigh at hand



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To You, the

With reckless abandon, I unceasingly watch for You
From my waking up to my lying down
Shifting in and out
From the present ~ to the future
From the past ~ to the present
Recalling history and the benchmarks it entrusts
To those that will not eliminate or dilute Your Word
Wondering why ~ why is Your Truth so beaten down
Why are there no unreserved defenders in our day and time
No fixed and rooted guardians that stand and proclaim!
Where are the Jeremiah’s, Elijah’s and Paul’s of our day
To stand and speak, to convey Your righteousness
Regardless of consequences!
Where is the heavenly drive and backbone
To fight and stand for the principles of heaven
To uphold heaven’s celestial proclamation of eternal salvation
That we may STAND and watch the Glory of the Lord BURN?

I seek only the Keeper of the Flame
For only You can fill my empty lamp with Your precious Oil
The Oil that continually and passionately offers me the gift of Life
Every single day on Terra that is covered with darkness
So that I stay ready and waiting for the coming battle
Throwing myself into Your Divine, Holy realm
Only to find that my sufficiency is determined
By the pre-requisite of devotion from my heart
For the movement of my emotion is born of dedication
Bestowing promises that belies earth’s life as it is now
Knowing that most will never understand what or how
A human life can even achieve an ascension
Belonging to and experiencing the culture of dreams
And having the courage to admit
That dreams can exist within this dimension
With hidden portals of Truth
And the terrifying ability to believe that anything can happen
For I know I am not the only one to wonder
If our dreams have the capability to be real at times
For You have said, eternity lives in the hearts of men
For how else can we explain the imaginations of men today?
That portray epic battles fought with many lives lost
Revealing hearts that have been sacrificed
And presented to satan by fallen shepherds

So…how can I proceed with words?…knowing that
The art of separation educates one into the Grace of Faith
The high calling of a soul into the gates of election?
My soul weeps with wonder that one can attain Your help and comfort
If only our hunger for You can overcome
The tantalizing favors of this world

I am emotionally removed beyond description
Knowing that the continual acute longing that I feel
Will, in the long run, be graciously rewarded
With the heavenly evolution
From grafted…
To ungrafted…
To be
Eternally Yours…



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Dear Reader: Today…a day when darkness is held high and celebrated in our world, may we come to understand that good and evil cannot both inhabit the heart…one must choose…whom he will serve…

I wait because…

My life is voluntarily consecrated to You
Considering Your royal presence in my life
As You have become the occupier of my heart
Filling up the breadth of my capacity
With Your all compassing Love
And Your Holy consuming Fire

I wait for You

As Heaven sends out it’s urgent warning
Regarding Terra’s final duration of days
Charging me to cleanse and purify
Everything within and around my life
So that the stigma of immoral action is no longer a hindrance
And my pathway to heaven remains unblemished

I wait for You

As this glittering and frivolous world
Embraces what it should flee
Forgetting it once had a truer lover
Participating in hell’s altar of pleasures
Never understanding that it gleefully gleans
Souls that have made themselves so available

I wait for You

This night! As heaven continues it’s silence
Waiting to behold those who remain loyal to the throne
With reverence, not inciting the jealousy of God
Indisputable warriors honoring Truth and Justice
Waiting for the higher election
And the covenant engagement of heaven

I wait because…You are sovereign in all things!

stevie 10.31.11


~And a collaboration with Angelle~

O come ye, O come ye
You who are faithful to Me
Above the cloud that hovers low
Upon the head of the sanctified below
The footstool of the absolute throne
Upon who is seated, God and Christ alone
Who has judged the accursed, unholy thing
Of dark domains and all of which can only bring
Death and hell from which emerges that facial mask
Who drives the demonic flood upon earth is the task
Of the end time dimensions of the wavering cost
Flailing upon the crest of seas, a tempest tossed…

Come ye, come ye, to the table on high
The feast of God and heaven’s spirit nigh
To you who refuse to eat the sacrifice of idol’s day
Offered to children, to sway their hearts far away
Come into your chambers
And bless the Lord your God who awaits
Your entrance into heaven’s holiest gates

Angelle 10.31.11


II Corinthians 6:17 [Amplified]

So, come out from among them, and separate yourselves from them, says the Lord, and touch not any unclean thing; then I will receive you kindly and treat you with favor. [Isaiah 52:11]

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Pu·ri·ty (noun)
condition or quality of being pure

from anything that debases, contaminates, pollutes

from any admixture or modifying addition

or ritual cleanness

from guilt or evil


Physical chastity; virginity

Hearts turning towards the inaudible call to awaken
Where night calls to day and angels extend invitations
To souls with hands outstretched in hopeful anticipation
For the coming celestial storm of strength and power
Springing forth from the edge of our world
To every heart that has been thru the scrutinizing fire
Surviving the agony of waiting
Not knowing if heaven has even heard their pleas
But utilizing the faith within that was planted before birth
Waiting for the appointed time
When the Holy silent call goes forth
To set on fire the devoted ones
That know Him and love Him
Choosing to be ceremoniously pure of heart
Those who sets aside activities
That bear the world’s stigmas and contagions
All influences and all worldly intents
Fostering a Holy lifestyle to secure heavenly positions
Reserving their portion of power and understanding
For the coming storm, a battle that will require
The strength of all life’s instructions and lessons learned
Requiring their sight to be of eagles and their strength that of lions
So that in the den, the eye is always beholding the Giver of Life.


Pray tell ~ The Wisdom of Purity
Covering the learned soldiers who know the character of God
A God who requires Justice and gives Mercy
To those who understand the complication of bestowing
A blessing upon him who has allowed the world to contaminate his life
Allowing the pollution to compromise his thought and heart
Giving hell the opportunity to debase the heavenly mandate
So now!…It will not be!…And understanding this
Warriors strive to eliminate all worldly influences that touch their lives
Preparing for the heavenly battle of epic proportions
Never before has the phrase “What would Jesus do?”
Become so poignant, so priceless in every situation
In every decision that must be made on a daily basis
And it is no wonder that Hell took that phrase
And overpopulated it so that it became a joke
Commercialized and diluted it so that it came to mean nothing
But today, if we should stand and truly ask
What would Jesus do?
Many of our activities and conversations
Would be corrected and set forth to a higher range
And our forethought for a higher standard of spiritual living
Would be quickly recognized both here on earth
And most certainly in heaven


Herein, I bend my knee and my heart
Grateful for Your continual grace
That moves over my spirit
Guarding and teaching me Your higher ways
Moving me into position
Sharping my sword
And filling my quiver with Your arsenal
Of weapons that work in both worlds
For it is my desire that You would
Be my partner in all measures of my life
Hand in hand, heart to heart
That when I turn to the left You are there
And to the right, I can find You
Synchronized in thought
For nowhere else will I find
A battle commander that inspires inequitable trust
From those that work the fields
And whether I live or die
The victories gained will stand on their own
Eternally for all of heaven to garner
Purer than the snow that falls….




Haggai 2:11-14 (Amplified)

Thus says the Lord of hosts: Ask now the priests to decide this question of law:

If one carries in the skirt of his garment flesh that is holy [because it has been offered in sacrifice to God], and with his skirt or the flaps of his garment he touches bread, or pottage, or wine, or oil, or any kind of food, does what he touches become holy [dedicated to God’s service exclusively]? And the priests answered, NO! [Holiness is not infectious.]

Then said Haggai, If one who is [ceremonially] unclean because he has come in contact with a dead body should touch any of these articles of food, shall it be [ceremonially] unclean? And the priests answered, It shall be unclean. [Unholiness is infectious.]

Then answered Haggai, So is this people and so is this nation before Me, says the Lord: and so is every work of their hands, and what they offer there [on the alter] is unclean [because they who offer it are themselves unclean].

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